Episode 37 – Take Great Pictures in the Smoky Mountains

Today we devote our entire show to taking the very best pictures in and around the Great Smoky Mountains.

Tips for Taking Better Pictures

  • Don’t try to fit in too much in one shot.  You can’t get the whole Smoky Mountains in one picture
  • Get on the level with your subject when you shoot (especially important for kids and wildlife)
  • Stay away from the digital zoom if you can help it.  it is always better to get closer than to zoom
  • Take multiple pictures of the same thing.  Memory cards are cheap.  Take as many as you want.
  • Shoot away from the sun.  Instead, have the sun at the photographers back to use it as a natural backlight
  • Pay attention to the rule of thirds (tic-tac-toe board)
  • Learn the functions of your camera before you leave on your trip
  • Using the flash is almost always a bad idea.  Stay away.  You cannot light up the entire night sky.
  • Use a tripod or monopod to steady the camera, especially at night
  • Try to vary the poses your family takes.  Candid shots are great for this.

Check out this week’s episode for more tips and a lot more detail.





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