Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

The Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen has been around for the last 50 years. This true Gatlinburg landmark lies in the heart of the town of Gatlinburg. It is almost exactly halfway down the strip and happens to have an easy place to park right next door (for a fee of course). There are two locations on the strip in downtown Gatlinburg. The one that we will be speaking of is not the one next to the Pancake Pantry. It is next to the mentioned parking lot and 4 Seasons Hotel. The building itself is reminiscent of times past. There are no bright neon lights or plasma displays to get you in the door here. A simple sign guides you along the glass front store where you can get a good look at the wonderful candy, chocolate, candy apples, toys, and taffy before you even walk inside. One of the main attractions here is the taffy. You can watch the taffy being made during certain hours of the day right in front of your eyes. Though the technology used to produce it may be from an era gone by, the taste is just as great today as it was many years ago. You can even get a sample for free. I am a foodie and I love candy and I have the belly to prove it. You could seriously get sugar overload in this place. There is so much to offer. There is taffy of all flavors, fudge, and chocolate covered….everything.

As a kid, one of my favorites were the toys, and they are still around. Simple little toys like cars, trucks, and teddy bears with taffy strapped to them are all along the shelves. Today, I’ll leave the toy and buy some extra chocolate instead. And that takes me to my personal favorite thing at this store….BROWN BEARS. For those of you familiar with other brands, they are similar to Turtles and Pixies. But in my most humble opinion, these are far better. They are a mix of chocolate and pecans. Who can resist? Trust me, it is a must have for your next trip.

The store itself is laid out in a big circle. The helpful staff is in the middle of the store with candy cases in a circle all around them. More treats line the outside walls. Essentially, everywhere they could put candy in this intimidate space has something to tempt you. And it tempts more than than just people. Two years ago a bear found this gem on the strip and decided he wanted some grub. He broke in through the glass door and helped himself to many of the tasty treats before he could be run off by authorities. Luckily, the place was closed at the time and nobody was hurt, but it just goes to show you how great Ole Smoky Candy kitchen actually is! This place does get busy, but there is truly not a bad time to visit. There are many, many places to get candy in the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Not only is this place unique, but it is the best.


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