Episode 25 – Hiking in the Rain, A Walk in the Woods, and Hiking Brushy Mountain

In this episode we talk about how a walk in the rain can be a good thing, review Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods,” and cover our Spotlight Hike of the Week, Brushy Mountain.


Hiking in the Rain:

We all want the perfect day to hike.  Clear and 72 degrees is about right.  But rain does not need to ruin your plans.  The Smokies are wet, so you should used to hiking when weather is less than ideal.  How do you get ready?  Do not hike when there is lightning.  That is just dangerous.  Have appropriate hiking clothing and gear.  Don’t hike is the temps are already low.  Can you spell hypothermia? Enjoy the solitude and lack of bugs!


A Walk in the Woods:

Bill Bryson’s outstanding best-seller about his hike on the Appalachian Trail is a classic.  The story is entertaining, interesting and endlessly funny.  He captures the trials and triumphs without whining or grandstanding and the writing is so good that is a must-read for hikers and non-hikers alike.  Though Bill does not succeed in all his goals, you still leave the story feeling good about the journey, and that is the major takeaway.  Like any hike, the journey is far more important than the destination.


Brushy Mountain:

You can take this hike from one of two directions.
1) Trillium Gap Trail – Traffic light 8 to Cherokee Orchard Road to Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail (Parking at Trillium Gap Trail).  6.9 Round Trip miles (moderate)

2) Porters Creek Trail-321 to Greenbrier entrance.  Park at Porters Creek Trailhead.  11.7 Roundtrip miles (strenuous)

This hike offers fantastic views at the top and is so accessible to other trails that it can be done as a stand alone hike or in combination with other hikes like Mount LeConte.  It is also a great shuttle hike (one way up/the other way down.



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