Episode 22 – Our Family Trip Report with reviews of hotels, restaurants, and hiking

Episode 22 is all about our trip report for our family’s recent trip to the Smoky Mountians.  Topics include the current traffic and when to travel the busy roads off exit 407, the Edgewater Hotel in Gatlinburg, the new Sugarlands Distillery in Gatlinburg, TGI Fridays and the Hard Rock Cafe, and of course, hiking with a large group.

We had a large traveling party for this trip.  Myself, my wife, mom and dad, brother, two nephews, my brothers fiancé, and her children.  With a large group of ages, tastes, and personalities, it can be difficult to find the right things to see and do.  We found the right balance with eating at “safe” places for the kids that were still tasty and a bit of hiking as well.

We hiked to Henwallow Falls which we covered in Episode 16, but with a large group, it is a much different hike.  The good news is that everyone could do it without problems and had a great time.  Listen to the episode for more details on that.

We stayed at the Edgewater Hotel in Gatlinburg which is conveniently located.  This was ideal for a large group of people and our stay was nice….except for the elevators.  Check the episode for more on that.



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4 comments on “Episode 22 – Our Family Trip Report with reviews of hotels, restaurants, and hiking
  1. David Ross says:

    I’ve enjoyed listening to all of your podcasts. A few years ago my girlfriend and I visited Great Smoky. We loved it. We’d like to go back there but it is quite a distance for us (we live in California).

    Now, just one complaint. I enjoy the news but don’t like the clicking sound during the news. I realize you are trying to make this sound like the old time radio newscasts but it is somewhat annoying. How about doing it for only a few seconds instead of the entire news section?


  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for the feedback David! I actually agree with you on the news sounds. We’ll see about changing that up someway for this week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey I liked this a lot and was wondering if you could do more of these trip reports

    • Mike says:

      I will for sure. These seem to be among the most popular episodes, so there will be several more. Stay tuned, and thanks for the comment and for listening!

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