Episode 13 – Smokies App Reviews and the Chimney Tops Trail

In Episode 13, we review the many different apps you get about the Smoky Mountains, offer our Tip of the Week, hit the major news stories in the Smokies, and of course, our Spotlight Hike of the Week, the Chimney Tops trail.

Apps Review:

Cades Cove Driving Tour- A+   This one has  a small amount of function, but what it does, it does incredibly well.  The audio and pictures for the driving tour around Cades Cove make this one a must have FREE app.

Hiking and Biking the Smoky Mountains – C   This app offers some features including outfitter locations and some popular biking and hiking trails, but the detail is very limited.  Free

Smokies Hiking Trails -B  This is the most comprehensive hiking trail list on an app.  The descriptions, including turns at trail crossings are limited, so this is used best as an idea and location resource.  At 99 cents, it is still a bargain.

Smoky Mountains Newscast is just poor. D-    Bad details and trail descriptions.  They try to do too much with this and in the process do very little well.

Great Smoky Mountains Official Guide –  C  There is some good information here, but there is very little for free and there are way to many in-app purchases to be able to call this one a deal.  The only upside is that purchases benefit the park.


The Chimney Tops:

The Chimney Tops is the toughest 2-mile hike in the Smoky Mountains.  You will gain over 1000 feet in elevation in those miles, which makes for a lot of hard ascents.  The peaks at the top have amazing views and are great to climb in the right weather.  This one is not to be missed.


Show Links:

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