Cosby is about as small of a town as they come in proximity to the Smoky Mountains.  There is very easy access to several trails in the national park, access to I-40, and plenty of peace, quiet, and solitude.  If you are looking for a no thrills place to stay during your vacation, this is the place for you.

Lodging    There are a few motels inside of Cosby, but the bread and butter of lodging in this area is cabins.  There are many great cabin options for you that are often times far more affordable than their Gatlinburg, Wears Valley, or Pigeon Forge counterparts.  You also have campground and bed and breakfast options.

Restaurants    There are a few mom and pop type of restaurants in this area, but there are not a ton of options.  However, heading up hwy-321 just a short distance towards Gatlinburg gives you many more options.

Entertainment    There are places to go to see artisans at work.  Hiking and outdoor adventures await you as you stay on the doorsteps of the national park.  However, if you are looking for “touristy” attractions, this is not the place for you.

Shopping    As stated above, there are several places to see and buy locally made goods and souvenirs.  You can buy supplies at one of the few stores, but if you want more options, you will need to hit the highway and head towards Gatlinburg.

Proximity to National Park    You are very close to the national park here and some great trails await you in this section including Henwallow Falls and Ramsey Cascades.  This area is not as heavily visited, so you can expect some amount of solitude when hiking here.

Traffic    With the amount of amenities that the town has to offer, Cosby traffic is never a problem.  Restaurants and shops can get crowded due to the small amount of them available locally, but it is nothing compared to crowds you will experience in the larger towns.

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