Ep. 58 – Smoky Mountains From a Kid’s Perspective

SHOW #58  March 29, 2015


This week on Episode 58 Smoky Mountains Radio, our first interview to get a look at the Smoky Mountains from a kid’s perspective!


It is Sunday, March 29, 2015 and this is Episode 58 of Smoky Mountains Radio.  Welcome back to the show.  As, always, I am your host Mike, and I am here to bring my nearly forty years of experience in and around the Smoky Mountains help you have the best possible time on your next trip to the Smokies.  Whether you plan on going for a walk, hike, trek, or pilgrimage in the Smokies, you have come to the right place for all the information that you need.

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And now, let’s get on with the show.

Smokies From a kid’s Perspective

This week brings our first interview of the show.  We will get a glimpse of the Smoky Mountains from a kid’s perspective.  The audio does have a little bit of a hiss to it, so sorry about that.  I think we had a little interference in our connection, but some good stuff nonetheless. Check out the episode for in-depth information from Landon.

Thanks once again Landon for being on the show.  Great job buddy.  If you have a question that you would like a kids perspective on, send it in to me at mike@smokymountainsradio.com.  I can always bring Landon back on for an “ask the kid” segment or something like that.

I’ll put more information about this interview in the show notes and on smokymountainsradio.com


We are getting close to the end of our show, but before we go I do invite you to check out our website at SmokyMountainsRadio.com for all your Smokies needs. Next week, I finally will get caught up on all the email questions and comments and all the questions on social media, so stay tuned for a special Listener Feedback episode. Coming up, I’ve got brand new show topics, new Spotlight Hikes, and much more, so I hope you will stay with us in the coming weeks and months.  That is going to do it for this one.  Even though the snow and ice came back briefly this week, it looks to be gone now (we hope), the roads are all open, so, ….Go Take A Hike!




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2 comments on “Ep. 58 – Smoky Mountains From a Kid’s Perspective
  1. Anonymus says:

    I love this and wonder if you can just do this again sometimes i find it interesting to hear from a kids prespective

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