Ep. 43 – Winter is Coming (is here) in the Smokies!

Episode 43 is my triumphant return to the microphone after an extended hiatus, and man did a lot happen while I was gone!  Winter reared its ugly head and decided fall is officially done.  Yikes!  But enough about me and winter, we have a show to cover! Be sure to check out our Wednesday episode for all the news, feedback, and tips for this week on Smoky Mountains Minute.

Hauntings Gatlinburg
Hauntings is a campy scary show in the heart of the strip in downtown Gatlinburg.  It has been there for decades, and at only $6 a person, it is a pretty good value.  But is it scary?  If you are under the age of about 9, you will likely be at least a little scared.  Otherwise, you will likely find the cheese factor very high.  But that doesn’t mean it is not worth doing.  It’s in the dark the whole time, and it uses most sounds and story to try to frighten you to death.  It’s not a walking haunted house or anything like that.  Still, it is a fun experience I would say you need to check out at least once (regardless of your age)!

Hand Warmers
Ah yes, those wonderful chemical hand warmers.  Are they worth it?  Don’t think of them as the thing that will always keep your hands warm.  Think of them as a last resort if your hands (or feet) get so cold that they hurt or start losing feeling.  They are light at only a couple of ounces and are a good addition to any first aid kit.  They don’t last real long at anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, but they can give you relief when you need it most. But your best bet is to have better quality gloves and shoes to make sure you don’t ever need them.  They can be used in a variety of situations, so that is why I like them.  Check out more on this in this week’s episode of SMR.

Spotlight Hike of the Week (Lonesome Pine Overlook)
This week’s hike takes us to the Deep Creek section of the Smokies to the Nolan Divide Trail and our destination, the Lonesome Pine Overlook.  This hike is a 6.6 mile moderate hike, and is perfect for just about anyone.  The great part about this hike is the views.  They are terrific pretty much any time of year, but I like it best during winter when the leaves are gone and the views open up even more.  Some also like them in Spring to see the flowers everywhere.

To get there, head to the Deep Creek section of the Smoky Mountains.  The very small and discrete parking area is on the left side of the road and the trailhead at Nolan Divide Trail is across the street.  Keep your eyes open.  It is easy to miss.  This hike is a 6.6 mile roundtrip moderate hike.  Major events include the small cascades at 1.6 miles in and at 3 miles, the turnoff for the spur to Lonesome Pine Overlook is found.  This part will be the best views.  The views at the top are great, but the trees block some of the terrific 360 degree views.  Again, it is one reason that I like doing this one in winter.  You get great views of Bryson City, the Smokies Peaks, and views into Nantahala National Forest.  Listen to this week’s episode for more information about this hike.


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