Episode 42 – New Town in the Smokies, Gaiters, and Flat Creek Falls

In Episode 42 of Smoky Mountains Radio, we discuss the “new” town discovered in the Elkmont area of the Smokies, we do a gear review of hiking gaiters, and discuss our Spotlight Hike of the Week, Flat Creek Falls.


New Town in Elkmont
There were numerous media reports of a town discovered that lay undisturbed for decade.  Well, it turns out this is the old section of Elkmont has been known for decades.  It was an old vacation spot where the well to do had vacation homes, the Wonderland Hotel, and dozens of other structures.  They have been here in disrepair for decades while the park service figured out what to do with it.  You can find them by driving up to the trailheads in Elkmont and doing a short walk up the gravel road.  The guy behind the story in question has a YouTube video about this place (listed below).

Youtube Elkmont Link


Gear Review:  Hiking Gaiters
This piece of equipment helps keep debris out of your hiking boots.  They run from your shoe laces to the ankle, calf, or knee.  They help keep out precipitation, rocks, twigs, or bugs.  They work better for some people more than others and are best for those doing longer hikes or those anticipating the issues listed above.  They range from 20-80 bucks.  I recommend Outdoor Research.  These are not required gear, but can be helpful for some people.


Flat Creek Falls
The Spotlight Hike of the Week this week takes us to the Balsam Mountain area and to Flat Creek Falls.

-Heintooga Ridge Road (closed October 15-May 22) to a gravel pullout.
-Start onto Flat Creek Trail:  1.6 mile roundtrip EASY hike
-Old Growth Trees, water crossings (footbridge and rock hop)
-Obstructed view of 200 foot cascading waterfall at the end
-Use caution if you take unofficial side trails to get better views of the falls.


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