Episode 41 – Spruce Flats Falls Hike, Primitive Roads, and Roller Coasters

In Episode 41, we take a look at your listener feedback including driving Primitive Roads, new Roller Coasters in the Smoky Mountains, and your Spotlight Hike of the Week, the Spruce Flats Falls Hike.


Primitive Roads

These roads are primitive in nearly every sense.  Mostly they are not paved, they have potholes everywhere, and they are narrow and winding.  They are not as well maintained as main roads in the park, so use caution when using them.  They are safe for most cars unless they sit really close to the ground, but keep motorcycles and campers off of them.  Whatever you drive, take it very slowly and you will reach your destination with ease.


Roller Coasters

New Alpine style roller coasters are the new rage around the Smoky Mountains.  They are essentially like an alpine slide in that you control your own speed down the mountain.  But unlike traditional alpine slides, you are on a coaster track so you don’t have to worry about falling off.  They are not cheap (12-20 bucks per ride), but they are new!  They are located in Pigeon Forge and two locations in Gatlinburg.


Spruce Flats Falls

Spruce Flats Falls is a moderate, 2 mile roundtrip hike that is located around the Townsend/Cades Cove areas in Tremont at the Termont Institute.  The trail is located at the end of the parking area and takes you to Spruce Flats Falls.  For a mile, you walk through steep ascents and descents, over roots and rocks, and eventually to a nearly 100 foot cascading waterfall.  It is a bit tough, but it is worth every step you take.  Check out this week’s episode for more details.





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  1. Chuck says:

    Wow. Thanks for the helpful response. Your show is a really helpful resource. Thanks for doing it and keep up the good work. Now I’m gonna go take a hike.

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